25 Characteristics of a Leader

25 Characteristics of a Leader

(This also makes a great list of qualities for a good dominant.)

1. A leader is trustworthy.

2. A leader takes the initiative.

3. A leader uses good judgment.

4. A leader speaks with authority.

5. A leader strengthens others.

6. A leader is optimistic and enthusiastic.

7. A leader never compromises on absolutes.

8. A leader focuses on objectives, not obstacles.

9. A leader empowers by example.

10. A leader cultivates loyalty.

11. A leader has empathy for others.

12. A leader keeps a clear conscience.

13. A leader is definite and decisive.

14. A leader knows when to change his mind.

15. A leader does not abuse his authority.

16. A leader does not abdicate his role in the face of opposition.

17. A leader is sure of his calling.

18. A leader knows his own limitations.

19. A leader is resilient.

20. A leader is passionate.

21. A leader is courageous.

22. A leader is discerning.

23. A leader is disciplined.

24. A leader is energetic.

25. A leader knows how to delegate.

The Book on Leadership
John MacArthur
Published by Thomas Nelson
November 11, 2004



26.  A leader listens to others, and accepts an utilizes good advice regardless of its source.

27.  A leader knows when it is appropriate to comprise on issues, and how to do so gracefully.

28.  A leader knows when to back down and when to forge forward.

29.  A leader knows how to inspire others to give and do their best.

30.  A leader utilizes and encourages the strengths of others and helps them minimize their weaknesses.


Needless to say, abusers are lacking in many of these qualities.

What other qualities do you believe are important for a good leader or dominant?


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