Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Yesterday a thought crossed my mind (yes another thought ).  Why is it that those of us who have been abused and escaped are the ones that have to change everything?

It’s been liberating for me to cut ties but frustrating in another way.  I am the one who has been abused and I’m the one that basically  has to go into hiding like a criminal and that really sucks.

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Why do those of us who are abused have to change everything, why are our abusers believed and not us? Why are the victims of abuse so often revictimized repeatedly by the courts and everyone else? An important quote from this post: “Narcissistic/sociopaths are just as wickedly abusive as those that physically abuse and yet no one sees the scars and unhealed wounds they leave. They are not visible to the naked eye but they are visible if one looks closely. These people are dangerous people and often they will physically abuse, they even have the potential to kill, yet they are cowards so more often, they will beat, whip and abuse with their tongues. They will manipulate, guilt and lie to control you. They will use mind games to convince you that you are the one that is bad, wrong, messed up and needs fixing…Well ya, now I need fixing because of you, I wouldn’t have otherwise!Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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  2. I think this Guilty until proven innocent holds true to the victims of most crimes, however abuse by someone close has more psychological impact on the victims.

    Our justice system is based on the belief of innocent until proven guilty to avoid baseless claims from ruining the lives of innocents. An extremely unfortunate side effect of this is that often victims are looked at as guilty of lying until they prove their side. Sometimes this is easy with physical evidence, but with abuse and especially psychological abuse, the scars aren’t clearly visible. This issue is made worse within the kink community because society as a whole doesn’t understand it. They think, but isn’t the lifestyle about abuse, or didn’t she (or he) ask for it? It’s far too reminiscent of the “It can be rape because she dressed in a way that showed she wanted it” belief.

    Please let me end this by stating that I don’t believe that someone, male or female, who reports abuse should be looked at as anything but a victim, I’m just stating my opinion as to why the system treats them as something else. This is a system in need of reform.


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