How to Raise a Disobedient Submissive

Something humorous that floats around the ‘net that is very much food for thought. My additional comments follow, or are added in italics, adapted from a FetLife post, and expanded upon here.


Submissives, by nature, wish to please their Dominants. It’s an integral part of being a submissive. Sometimes, though, Dominants seem not to really want obedient submissives by the mere fact that they do the following things. So, Dom’s if you are having a difficult time getting your submissive to disobey and act-out here are some helpful hints:

1. Always Be Inconsistent: One of the first things you can do to confuse and disorient your submissive is to constantly change the rules. If yesterday they had to ask to sit on the furniture, then don’t make them ask today. Now, tomorrow when they don’t ask, be sure to punish them strictly! Or better yet, tell them one thing, then turn around and tell them something different. Either tell them when their rules are changing or leave them to guess. Just letting them guess as to what their rules are is a sure way to get them to misbehave.

2. Don’t Consider Them As Individuals/Human: This is a subtle one. When you’re making rules, make rules based around the personality of someone else you know. Don’t think of them as human at all. Treat them like property, like you’ve most likely read on a site. If your sub is a morning person, insist they stay up til 2am each night. If your sub is a vegetarian, make them only eat meat-based dishes, and if they refuse to eat their dinner, make them go hungry. Your sub will begin nodding off to sleep, especially if they have to get up early in the morning, and then you’ve got yourself a real disobedient sub.

3. Have Unrealistic Expectations: Insist that after your submissive works 2 shifts you have them cook a three-course meal. And if its less than 3 courses, punish them severely. This will make them want to serve you even more.

4. Completely Ignore The Way The Human Body Works: If they swallow your cum count that as all their meals for the day. If their bottom is welting and they call a safeword to tell you that it’s gone beyond good pain, ignore them and continue on (after all all pain is the good kind, right?). Only allow them to sleep 2 hours a night. Insist on a nude slave all the time, ignoring the temperature of the day and their body’s natural temperature. Continue reading